About Arise Capital Partners

Unlike traditional private equity firms, ARISE Capital Partners has permanent capital. This distinction means our decisions are not driven by contractual exits and let the opportunity be our guide. We allow management the flexibility to execute a jointly-designed business plan in an unencumbered manner, leveraging ACP professionals as a sounding board, coach and source of additional capital.

The name ARISE comes from the initials of the father and father-in-law of ACP’s Managing Partner. These great men provided examples and set of values that we infuse in our work. These values dictate not just how we operate as business people but as human beings.

Many of the businesses we look for are historically family owned and operated. As a family ourselves, we understand the pride that is derived from building a family business over the course of decades. Our number one goal is to preserve that culture and legacy, while providing capital to build on the work of the prior owners.